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I am wondering if there is a temporary button mode for the Button and Buttons modulators - seems they only latch?

Second issue is when mapping the button modulators to another set of buttons - for example settings on a Diatonic Transposer - what is the way to know what value to map for the button? When you activate the modulator button you can't see the value that is selected on the DIatonic Transposer so you kinda have to do some math and hear by ear if you got the value right.

Third question - is there a way to unlatch button A if button B is pressed on the Buttons modulator? Probably impossible since they are both on the same modulator device and that would mean you should be able to map it to itself.

BTW the Button Modulator is really finnicky to delete with your mouse since it doesn't have a title header and takes up the entire square of a modulator slot - so you end up with the options to delete automation or map it to a midi controller when right have to move the mouse to a 3px wide border to the sides or top of this modulator

*also seems you can map the button to itself to control the smoothness value? seems weird.

I tried to create an automation lane to get the values of the settings on the Diatonic transposer, but those values don't work with the Button Modulator since it treats the device as some funky X Y controller maybe.

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