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(would only work with the deactivated option: Select tracks when> [Selecting Clips on Arranger Timeline] -

.. if the plugin window follows by clicking on the track header, this window should disappear at the following click on any clip (or anywhere else in the arrangement), but also not be closed.

At the same time, the selection of the track can be canceled.

If I click somewhere in the arrangement despite the followed and focused plug-in window and the focus of this window is canceled, my focus would probably shift as well while working with Bitwig: from setting an instrument to editing in the arrangement.

When I'm done editing in the window-free arrangement, you can click on a track header to open the still open plugin window.

The values are just examples:

Step 1: - Set the value to 100 Step 2: - "Save as default preset (useful are the addable buttons in Bitwig) Step 3: - Now change the value to any other Step 4: - "Load as Default Preset"

Step 1: - Set the value to 200 Step 2: - ... Step 3: - ... Step 4: - ...

Step 1: - Set the value to 300 Step 2: - ... Step 3: - ... Step 4: - ...

  • Now click Undo and the value jumps to 200
  • Click again and it jumps to 100

Redo works too

My question is whether undo / redo would be possible without step 3 and step 4. Or at least without step 3 (Now change the value to another one again)


answered Sep 07 '18 at 16:05 by Guten-Tag (81)

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