asked Sep 04 '18 at 18:15 by pbholmen (11)


I'm on fence about whether to try out Bitwig. I'm confused about the upgrade plan. I understand that an upgrade plan will give you access to all updates within a one year period. However, the FAQ does not say anything explicitly about bug fixes. Will you continue to get bug fixes for free also after the upgrade plan is expired?

Several forum members suggest so, however, I see nothing explicitly from a Bitwig representative about it.

This should be better explained at least on the FAQ page.

My understanding is "yes" you will, but only until the next major version update. So if you were on 2.3.1 when your plan expires, you would have been able to download and use 2.3.2, 2.3.3 etc (currently 2.3.5). But when 2.4.0 is released you will need to renew your plan to get it. (And I assume there would be no more 2.3.x releases after that either).


answered Sep 05 '18 at 14:41 by djx (315)

This is correct. Thank you djx! We'd like to make sure that everyone has access to our bug fix updates, but once we release new features, you need to renew your plan. Best wishes from the Bitwig Team

  — (Sep 06 '18 at 09:56) Placi

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