asked Sep 09 at 16:16 by BlackHoleNFO (182)

I was wondering, trying to shorten a Chord via the Knife-Tool. I can only cut one Note? Otherwise i need to cut the Clip.

There is no other way? Of course, i think we need two [STRG]+Click


ctrl-e works in the piano roll to split all notes at a specific time.

1) Enter multiple notes

2) Select the time at which you want to cut

alt text

Not quite as cool as drawing arbitrary lines with the knife tool, but, maybe helpful.

3) Press ctrl-e

alt text

  • All the notes at that time are split into two, at that time.

Hope that helps.


answered Sep 12 at 18:24 by hrrld (79)

edited Sep 16 at 00:43

This not works at all... strg(=ctrl) + e alt + e shift + e

In the Shortcutlist is ctrl + e named SPLIT but i see no reaction, wherever i try this (samples, midiclips)


answered Sep 15 at 23:30 by BlackHoleNFO (182)

I updated my answer with screenshots. It works for me, maybe we're talking about different things?

  — (Sep 16 at 00:44) hrrld

Select all the notes (lasso them with pointer tool, or select one by one while holding Ctrl), then grab the right border of one of them and make it shorter. Other notes should follow.


answered Sep 17 at 15:07 by antic604 (409)

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