asked Sep 12 '18 at 11:24 by BlackHoleNFO (182)

Some Plugins are wrong categorized or/and wrong tagged.

PIZ MIDI Plugins are not Instruments and wrong tagged as Synth. It must be Note Effects. Tone 2 FireBird are Instrument, but also tagged as Effect. a.s.o.

There very much wrong, want to fix that. That i have only Midi Effect or only Instrument. Or how i can select easy wich category i want.

Well, for me the following procedure worked: Uninstalling Bitwig (but leave the folders of projects, VST's and so forth). Go to the folder \Users\CurrentUser\AppData\Local\Bitwig Studio (where "CurrentUser" is the user name of your Windows profile) and delete all of it's subfolders except \installed-packages. Then install Bitwig Studio again, register/activate it and after that - open it. My Bitwig Studio works well again since this reinstall. Well, if I'd knew the folder that keeps the wrong tagging information... but I didn't find it... and Bitwig isn't easy to reach... especially around Christmas and New Year...


answered Dec 29 '18 at 03:07 by -no_comment- (11)

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