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Is flexible midi routing for vst's with multiple midi out possible in Bitwig 2.4 with the new midi tools? For example, can I use Maschine vst inside Bitwig and send midi note data from Maschine to other tracks/vst instruments on different midi channels?


Any update on this? In Bitwig, can one track send midi on multiple midi channels to several other tracks at once? Use case: use Maschine VST sequencer inside Bitwig to sequence different Bitwig tracks each on it's own midi channel.

Is this possible now in 2.4? I don't get what the new midi channel setting is for, is it only for midi coming in from outside Bitwig?

Also, can one track send audio to the master and midi to another track at the same time?


answered Sep 14 '18 at 13:52 by Errortrax (61)

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Well, you can for example: - put Maschine VST on one track - send multi-channel MIDI from that track to different tracks - on those other tracks use Channel Filter to only pass through specified MIDI channel data - put instruments on those channels that you want to trigger with different MIDI channels

  — (Sep 17 '18 at 15:12) antic604

Hi Antic604, thanks for your reply. How do I setup Maschine's track to send midi on all channels that the other tracks can see/listen to? Or does a track send midi on all channels by default now? In my understanding all midi data used to be merged to channel 1...


answered Sep 17 '18 at 15:36 by Errortrax (61)

@Errortrax You can see that in Inspector for given track. Also, when editing MIDI you now have a choice - for each note - which MIDI channel it's being sent to.

I never used Maschine, but I understand its sequencer will send the MIDI to the track where the VST sist, using different MIDI channels for different instruments / tracks. Then you can send this MIDI information to other Bitwig tracks either setting the input of other tracks to Maschine track or putting Note Receiver devices on those tracks. Then filter that incoming MIDI using Channel Filter to just listen to the specified MIDI notes.

I have to ask though - is Maschine's sequencer really that much better from Bitwig's that you're ready to go through all this?


answered Sep 17 '18 at 17:12 by antic604 (673)

I normally use Maschine inside a DAW as a sketch pad when starting a new track, mainly because of the hands-on approach and the easy mute/unmute of any midi track inside Maschine using the pads, which is great for live performance. But to finish a song I will drag and drop the midi from Maschine into the DAW, on each VST track that Maschine was sequencing, and continue with the DAW's linear sequencer that Maschine lacks. I want to apply this workflow to Bitwig and benefit from it's amazing modulation options. I hope your suggestion of using a midi channel filter will work. Thanks for this tip.


answered Sep 17 '18 at 17:30 by Errortrax (61)

How do you use the channel filter? I tried to open it in my destination device chain, but it crashes my audio engine every time. This is the setup: note receiver -> channel filter -> plugin. In note receiver i have the Maschine track as source. If i don't use the channel filter i have midi coming in from Maschine, but ofc on all channels. If i then put the channel filter in front of the note receiver i have nothing coming in, and if i place the channel filter between note receiver and plugin, it crashes. Channel filter at the end of the chain also crashes. At no moment does the channel filter detect incoming midi, even though midi passes trough the chain if i remove it. What's going on?


answered Sep 17 '18 at 21:50 by Errortrax (61)

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