asked Sep 14 '18 at 12:56 by troxx (90)


Guys, where the hell is rex audio support that your customers have been asking for since V1 4 years ago. Is it really that difficult to implement a widely used audio format, when you have coded other synths, modulators etc... for Bitwig?

Until there is native rex support in bitwig, you may want to look into a vst solution.


answered Sep 15 '18 at 18:37 by hrrld (102)

Yes, .rex .rx2 support would be essential for me..... I haven't found a worthy 3rd party solution yet except fxpansion geist2 which costs as much as bitwig studio. Just for rex support it is not economical... Please developers give us .rex support!!!


answered Sep 15 '18 at 23:58 by mineral (129)

Just bought Bitwig during the sale, pretty regretting I didn't test this when demoing, and really irked it isn't a feature. The short answer is there's no common sense reason why BW shouldn't support rex/rx2. Implementing it should be almost painless, and it only serves to make BW all that more flexible as a DAW...

C'mon dudes. There's really no excuse to exclude this by version 3!


answered Dec 12 '19 at 10:52 by justinc (41)

Why is this still not implemented by version 3? C'mon! This is silly! Rex2 is crazy useful, have always used it in place of wav for slicing wherever possible!


answered Dec 12 '19 at 10:56 by justinc (41)

rex2 is propriatary software, so I'm guessing that Bitwig would have to pay Propellerheads to implement it in Bitwig? Maybe the cost outweighs the benefits at the moment?


answered Dec 12 '19 at 18:54 by sticklebrick (480)

Thanks sticklebrick. (Also sorry for replying twice. First time here and didn't see my first reply until realizing the bottom post is stickied..)

Hear that. That said Rex is something I've always used heavily and this thread obviously speaks to the fact that its not only popular, it's also a format that is uniquely useful to work with...

Anyway vote added... Do hope they keep tabs on this... Cheers.


answered Dec 12 '19 at 21:50 by justinc (41)

No worries, I hope it's on the developer's wish list too.

  — (Dec 12 '19 at 22:46) sticklebrick

Is it necsessary? What is REX?


REX2 loops are created in ReCycle by analyzing audio files to locate zero crossings in the waveform, usually at the start of a beat or other rhythmic point. The file is then divided into "slices" delineated by these markers (a form of metadata). This allows compatible DAW software to adjust the playback start time of each slice, so that the loop can dynamically match the tempo of a song without altering the pitch of the loop, as would normally happen if the audio file was slowed down or sped up. Depending on the host software, individual slices can be triggered via MIDI notes, and individually tuned up and down in pitch if desired.

Royalty free REX2 Loop and sample collections are now available from many sources.

The original REX format was mono only; REX2 supports mono or stereo files.

The REX2 format uses a proprietary compression algorithm that can reduce the file size by up to 60%.

  • What about the offset function in Bitwig? You can set up the starttime with offsets very easy. But WAV dont contains coupoints, i think bitwig calculate the offset point in the import process.
  • What about the compression of REX files? The REX file is smaller, but is it lossless compression audio? REX files are sliced up WAVs with synthesized 'tails' on each slice so they don't sound so 'chopped' when played at a lower tempo. Basically the slice is taken out so there's less data required.
  • Pitching in Bitwig now is very that case REX is not really needed
  • Only (?) Recycle can create REX files and it is a propritary fileformat of Propellerheads

There is REX2 with stereo support !

But when the Sampler can slice up Samples with this Offset/ Cue/ Information, and can manage every slice like the OCTOREX -Sampler (Reverse per Slice, Pitch per Slice, Filter per Slice and so on), the Sampler will grow up to a Monster.

But then Bitwig should build REX files also, otherwise we can only need external stuff. So Bitwig should talk a word to propellerheads or find a similar solution to store offset information, use that as slices and solutions for creative handling with slices.



answered Sep 15 '18 at 22:21 by BlackHoleNFO (298)

It certainly is necessary... i'm not arguing that the current slicing features of Bitwig are great for supported audio samples. I am just requesting they include the rex format also, to be able to import these files direct onto the timeline to slice manually or import into sampler for further manipulation.

I just want some way of using rex files, without the need of 3rd party vsts, using vsts just to use rex files is currently a pain in the ass, as it's not spontaneous & you cant quickly audition them like you can with wav files in the browser.

  — (Sep 16 '18 at 02:40) troxx

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