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I use the APC Mini with Moss's awesome control script. Unfortunately, sometimes the controller crashes and its LED pattern gets stuck (it stops receiving / reacting to MIDI notes). It is still fully possible to control the DAW (send MIDI notes). When this happens, the following message is repeatedly printed to the console: "Direct parameter 'AMOUNT' not found."

Is there a way to reset the controller connection? As of now, I have to restart Bitwig Studio to solve the problem, but in a live situation I can't do it like that. It might actually be the control script's fault, but I fail to see which AMOUNT parameter cannot be modified and why. In either case, it would be good to know how to reset a control device.

I run Arch Linux (v3.17) with JACK.

Thanks a lot!

If you hit Options, Preferences and then the controllers tab you'll see in the listing of midi controllers/devices that there are four small icons underneath each one, if you hit the arrow icon for your controller it should force a cycle and fix the problem, this isn't too much better than having to restart the client but at least you won't have to reload any projects and it can also be done on the fly while playing a track.

I agree with your thought that it's most likely a scripting error though. I would try to keep my eyes peeled for what I'm doing when it develops this problem though, I know thats not easy sometimes though ;) Also, it should be worth sending Moss a message on KVR in case he can shed some light on the problem :) Happy Bitwiging!


answered Jan 26 '15 at 18:20 by Unc (124)

Hitting the reload button doesn't change anything, also plugging the device out and in again and reloading afterwards doesn't do the trick. I will try to figure out what exactly produces the bug and then annoy Moss with it. Thanks a lot though!

  — (Jan 26 '15 at 20:57) moldau

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