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I'm considering the move to a new DAW, with Bitwig and A.Live being the two main contenders. One consideration is the ability (or not) of being able to perform live with Bitwig, as you can in A.L, and I've not found a lot of useful info on the matter so thought I would ask here.

Can Bitwig handle things such as: Tempo changes when triggering a new scene. Recording MIDI into scenes on the fly and looping that scene, for multiple instruments one after the other.

Basically how, if at all, does Bitwig compare to A.Live for live performance. Any hlpe you can provide is greatly appreaciated, thanks!

Tempo changes when triggering a new scene:
-Using clip automation, you can change the transport settings (like tempo) in the master track, which will activate when a scene is played

Recording MIDI into scenes on the fly:
-The clip launcher can record multiple clips at once given that all the tracks are armed, or you can do them one after another. However, recording on one track does not disable recording on other tracks, so you will have to manually stop one and start the next clip recording at the same time. Also, there is no way (other than with controller scripts or midi mapping) to start recording multiple clips at once with one button press or mouse click. You will have to press all the records at the same time (or if your mouse skills are good, all the record buttons before the record starts). As far as I know, Live is the same way.

General performance comparison:
-The last Live version I used was 9, so things may have changed since then, but I remember it being marginally less stable than Bitwig is now. Though, as long as you have your set made and ready to go and all you are doing is recording clips and stuff, I'd say either one is a good choice. Of course, being biased, I'd recommend Bitwig because of plugin sandboxing, multiple tabs, and controller scripting, but it depends on what exactly your live performance entails.


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Thanks for the response! Seems like there will be a big learning curve moving from my current DAW to Bitwig, but if Bitwig ticks all the boxes, one that I'm looking forward to.

The forum seems to be a bit slow on respones though, by the number of questions vs answers.


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