asked Sep 27 '18 at 19:51 by k-nizm (21)

Hey.. will there be a update on the Maschine jam script for 2.4? I’v read The script is buggy at the moment.. Are there any better unofficial scripts?

I made useful changes to the Maschine Jam original script controller to adapt it to my workflow, this wasn't updated in 2.4 and was in fact never updated since JAM launch. My question is for Bitwig : The Maschine Jam script is not present (unlike some others ) in your github , so what licensing term apply to the script for a bitwig user like me and can i share those code modifications i made to github ? Hope an answer, Thanks.


answered Oct 06 '18 at 13:38 by DrTutut (11)

I say go for it. Few months ago when I considered JAM I contacted NI support about them updating the script for v2 (modulators, remotes, etc.) and they simply weren't interested, so I got Push 2 instead.

I say post it for others to use.

  — (Oct 06 '18 at 23:15) antic604

Thx antic604, i know they are not interested in updating but that is not meaning they allow sharing modifications of code to be distributed, and im a small mouse dev not wanting the big cat to think of me for dinner ;-) So an official answer will make my go for sharing with others my little ten little improvements.

  — (Oct 07 '18 at 01:44) DrTutut

I made a video explaining my script modifications, this could be a start for a better community updated maschine jam script controller for bitwig, there is a lot more work to do on it !


answered Oct 12 '18 at 12:40 by DrTutut (11)

Awesome man,please do share the script:-)

  — (Oct 12 '18 at 12:46) k-nizm

Looks great????, Please share ????


answered Oct 27 '18 at 09:01 by o-b-r (11)

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