asked Oct 01 '18 at 19:58 by Steven_Blair (10)


Tried to upload an image, but apparently I need "Karma > 60"

In Bitwig 2.4, I cannot seem to drag the mixer horizontal splitter up very far. In the previous version, I was able to drag this quite far up the screen.

is this intended behaviour or a bug?


Which view are you in? If it's in Clip Launcher then you might want to disable clips or big meters, as they probably have some minimal height.

Why would you want to make the Mixer taller? The faders have fixed height so you'll only see more of the device icons.


answered Oct 02 '18 at 16:15 by antic604 (489)

I am in dual screen mode, and my mixer is on the left side ( I am not allowed to post screenshot here yet sorry). Above the mixer is the piano roll. When I am mastering tracks, I like expanding the mixer up so I can get a good look at the headroom I have, and it's really quite difficult to see now since it's all squashed up.

Prior to 2.4, I could drag it quite far up the screen.

Hope that explains it.


answered Oct 02 '18 at 16:49 by Steven_Blair (10)

If you're talking about "seeing headroom" I think you mean the big meters, that are only visible in "MIX" view (clip launcher) and are not part of the Mixer. If that's the case, then you can have them almost full screen if you remove the lower panel and disable clips. I don't think you can see big meters with piano roll...

BTW, make a screenshot(s) and put them on or any such service and post a link :)


answered Oct 02 '18 at 18:04 by antic604 (489)

Here is a picture. Hopefully it explains the issue clearer than i have:

The splitter just above the mixer previous to 2.4, I could drag much higher up the screen. Look how crushed the mixer bars are.


answered Oct 02 '18 at 20:30 by Steven_Blair (10)

Well, you cropped the image so I still can't see in which mode you are and which icons you have enabled :(

In MIX mode I can disable clips just fine and have the big meters - because this is what they're called, not "mixer bars" - take 1/2 of the screen height:

alt text


answered Oct 03 '18 at 01:35 by antic604 (489)

edited Oct 03 '18 at 01:57

Yeah, that's the view I am looking for.

I believe the MIX button on the bottom left is highlighted, but I am clearly missing something.

I will try it again and report back.

Thanks for the support.


answered Oct 03 '18 at 09:45 by Steven_Blair (10)

Responding to an old thread :-) Go to File --> Settings --> User interface. Under 'display profile' pick the 'Dual Display Studio' option. Have fun


answered Feb 03 at 11:48 by Damertez (11)

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