asked Oct 01 '18 at 22:00 by tiggx (11)

Hi there,

is it possible to pause the upgrade plan an reactivate it for the 159 € per year.

Example. I ve bought the V2 a year ago and wont activate the upgrade plan for now. Is the price the same if I will not buy the Plan direct within the active Plan?

There's no guarantee that upgrade plans will always be EUR169 - this might change in the future. Having said that & assuming the price won't change, there is no difference if you'd buy and apply it immediately to extend your current license or if you waited few months (years) and applied it then. It should work the same.

There's also one more option - to be sure you won't pay more, you can buy the extension right now and only apply it in your account when you want, eg. when 2.5 or 2.6 comes out. That's exactly what I did when my plan has run out during 2.3 - I bought it on sale at EUR129 and applied when 2.4 was released. My 12 months counts from the date it was applied to my account, not from the date of purchase.


answered Oct 02 '18 at 16:11 by antic604 (673)

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