asked Oct 03 '18 at 22:40 by breakpitt (11)

hi all, my specs are: osx 10.11.6 bitwig 2.4 rme ff400/multiface aggregated

HW-FX: i have random crashes with the HW FX plugin, sometimes so bad, i cant even use it when saved within the project the engine crashed whilst loading the project, i have to delete ALL HW FX plugs to get the project running again sometimes the HW FX plugin stops responding, like i cant ping anymore, it does nothing at all with 2.4 it feels more stable, but still random crashes (cant repro)

whats the idea behind the ping ? it makes no difference between "no ping" and "ping" (even with higher buffersizes like 1024), still offset when recording realtime into the arrangement is the delay-comp somehow tied to the buffersize/rec offset ? cant find a way to avoid that silly offset

thx in advance

bump for my hybrid setup friends :)

anyone noticed problems like that ?


answered Oct 07 '18 at 13:09 by breakpitt (11)

edited Oct 07 '18 at 13:32

support is on it <3


answered Oct 11 '18 at 16:51 by breakpitt (11)

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