asked Oct 04 at 07:48 by KingSimba1 (11)

I downloaded some samples online and was very excited to use them but when I dropped them into the samples section they did not play. Why is this?

I honestly don’t know. I just started using bitwig a couple days ago. Everything else makes sound it’s just the sample that doesn’t make sound.

  — (Oct 04 at 18:30) KingSimba1

Bitwig 2.4

  — (Oct 04 at 18:58) KingSimba1

Which Bitwig version are you in? Which sampler mode (if it's v2.4)? Have you added a MIDI clip with notes or played one with your keyboard or MIDI controller? Does anything else actually make sound?

So little info, so many questions...


answered Oct 04 at 10:14 by antic604 (419)

what audiofile you download?

  — (Oct 06 at 06:05) BlackHoleNFO

Do the preset sampler sounds play? Try some different samples, maybe the ones you downloaded are somehow corrupter, wrong format, etc.


answered Oct 05 at 11:04 by Taika-Kim (71)

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