asked Oct 04 '18 at 07:48 by KingSimba1 (11)

I downloaded some samples online and was very excited to use them but when I dropped them into the samples section they did not play. Why is this?

I honestly don’t know. I just started using bitwig a couple days ago. Everything else makes sound it’s just the sample that doesn’t make sound.

  — (Oct 04 '18 at 18:30) KingSimba1

Bitwig 2.4

  — (Oct 04 '18 at 18:58) KingSimba1

Which Bitwig version are you in? Which sampler mode (if it's v2.4)? Have you added a MIDI clip with notes or played one with your keyboard or MIDI controller? Does anything else actually make sound?

So little info, so many questions...


answered Oct 04 '18 at 10:14 by antic604 (673)

what audiofile you download?

  — (Oct 06 '18 at 06:05) BlackHoleNFO

Do the preset sampler sounds play? Try some different samples, maybe the ones you downloaded are somehow corrupter, wrong format, etc.


answered Oct 05 '18 at 11:04 by Taika-Kim (126)

Make sure you drag the sampler to an empty area in the arranger and not on top of an existing instrument.


answered Jan 06 '19 at 18:47 by peterpaulhoogbruin (11)

Experiencing the same issue, it doesn't play sound for me as well. cat ninja


answered Apr 18 at 18:53 by angrycow (11)

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