asked Oct 04 '18 at 16:29 by tubular2000 (41)

what would be the file format for .bwclip files? what editor can open these files? i want to take my .mid files into .bwclip for 1000s of files.

Most Bitwig files are incompatible with any other software, so you probably won't find any tools that can do this conversion for you. However, in the browser, Bitwig shows .mid files and .bwclip files, if this helps with what you are trying to do. If not, what is the purpose for converting all of these files? Maybe there is a workaround.


answered Oct 04 '18 at 18:31 by jaxter184 (62)

bitwig doesn't make any difference between a bass, a lead or a drum .mid file, i have thousands of these. if i knew the file format, i would program an app that convert them in batch to a .bwclip format. this way my files would preview in the browser with a sound that make sense for what it is.

i know i can drag the .mid on a track, load an instrument an save as a clip, but it doesn't make sense for large number of files


answered Oct 04 '18 at 21:53 by tubular2000 (41)

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