asked Oct 06 '18 at 13:48 by DrTutut (11)

Hi Btiwigers, I made useful changes to the Maschine Jam original script controller to adapt it to my workflow, this wasn't updated in 2.4 and was in fact never updated since JAM launch. My question is for Bitwig : The Maschine Jam script is not present (unlike some others ) in your github . So what licensing term apply to the script for a bitwig user like me and can i share those code modifications i made to github ? Hope an answer, Thanks.

Verry good question! It's a shame you haven't got answered.

I'm also interested in who maintains these scripts. I see some nice modifications, but what if BW2.5 or 3 needs Maschine Jam script modifications? What if they render useless, who is going to fix?

Are the scripts owned/maintaint by Bitwig or Native Instruments? I allready saw a NI statement that they had no plans to fix bugs or implement new features....


answered Feb 18 '19 at 11:06 by audiunt (40)


this is a user driven forum-like Q/A. If anyone has an answer, then you get an answer... If nobody, then, no answer. No shame.

If you want to contact Bitwig developers and technical support, mail to

For what regards controller scripts, I believe that each one can have its own license if any. They are community effort.

The API is public, there is a manual on how to write your own controller scripts, if you have valid modifications then try to submit a patch to the controller github community.

Ask more details to support, if needed.

Best regards,



answered Feb 18 '19 at 12:06 by fsciarra62 (850)

Thanks! That put things in perspective. I have dropped a support request at

I'm afraid there will be not much support/development to be expected regarding the Jam.



answered Feb 18 '19 at 14:16 by audiunt (40)

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