asked Oct 07 '18 at 01:28 by mathumatix (11)

Hello support,

I am a complete Bitwig beginner. I am trying to perform a most basic function and am finding it causes inexplicable problems. I drop a couple of drum loop clips into an audio track of the arranger and record them to the timeline. Then I play back what I have in the timeline. Then I go back to play the clips again in the arranger. Now the volume of the clips will have increased multiple times so that they are painful and distorted. I cannot explain why the volume would have suddenly changed.

Can you please help? Thanks!

I'm having the same exact issue, if I'm interpreting the original message correctly.

Mathumatix, I think you mean "launcher" where you say "arranger", and "arranger" where you refer to the "timeline". The two different sequencer modes in Bitwig are called the Launcher (the grid) and the Arranger (the timeline).

The volume of my clips in the launcher suddenly get crazy loud and play back distorted after one loop cycle, seemingly whenever I copy a clip to the Arranger, bounce it in place, then copy it back to a slot in the Launcher's grid. From what I can tell, other launcher clips are playing back normally as expected. I made sure to delete any arranger clips on the same track (as well as neighboring tracks just in case), and I am certain that no other clips are playing anywhere on the two sequencers when the volume suddenly gets mega loud and distorted. I usually work in headphones, so this is totally unacceptable.

I recently upgraded to Bitwig 2.4 from 1.x, and have only recently begun (attempting at) using Bitwig in favor of Ableton and Logic. I really hope that this is just a bug and not normal behavior.

I running Bitwig Studio 2.4 on macOS 10.13.6.


answered Oct 13 '18 at 03:37 by viresh53 (81)

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This forum isn’t Bitwig support. Both of you should definitely report the issue to Not at my computer right now but I’ll try to duplicate this in the morning.


answered Oct 13 '18 at 06:01 by Baphy (209)

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