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After I read this QA page, I set out to make my "Nectar Panorama P6" MIDI controller work with Bitwig while JACK was turned on. So this is what I did:

  • Because MIDI controller is using two midi chanels to coumunicate I created two virtual MIDI devices using a terminal command:

    sudo modprobe snd_virmidi midi_devs=2
  • Then I opened Qjackctl and switched to "Setup" where under section "MIDI Driver" I chose "none" .

  • I switched to "Misc" tab and unticked the "Enable ALSA sequencer support" option (read).

  • I switched back to main window and started the JACK by pressing "Start".

  • I opened Patchage, Musescore (application for note input) and Bitwig and I made the connections (screenshot).

  • I created a new Generic MIDI device (MIDI keyboard) in Bitwig and I connected it to the virtual MIDI device which was connected to my MIDI controller (screenshot)

This worked and I could simultaneously input notes in Musescore and my MIDI controller was partialy working in Bitwig. While MIDI keyboard was reckognized no other slider or button on the controller works. This is why I tried to rearange connections in Patchage (screenshot) and instead of adding a Generic MIDI device I added Nectar Panorama P6 and connected it to two of my virtual MIDI devices (screenshot).

Well it won't work... So what am I doing wrong?


I am sorry for posting images in links, but you shouldn't prevent users with low karma from posting pictures. Doing that is like pretending new users have no problems... Some problems are so much easier to describe using images...

I already bought Bitwig v1.xx and now I bought v2.xx but still there is no direct JACK support. When is it comming? I am not asking if it is comming but when is it comming. If you promote Bitwig as a Linux DAW you could at least make sure it has JACK I/O. I mean if this isn't sorted out while I can still upgrade my version, then I am forever leaving Bitwig. I will not make another purchase based on empty promisses. Reaper is also comming to Linux and it actually works quite well.

It is 29. december 2019 and I am bumping my old thread as nobody answered.


answered Dec 29 '19 at 19:34 by 71GA (46)

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