asked Oct 09 '18 at 14:53 by Likar (19)

edited Oct 09 '18 at 14:58 The gif shows how to set up a (Novation SL MK1 ) controller in FLStudio20 very easily. Can this be done in Bitwig?

There may be an easier way, but I would do this by assigning a midi controller to the macro knobs on the bitwig device for massive, and then using the macros inside massive to modulate other parameters. A few more clicks, but there are upsides too; for example, you can attenuate, invert, and use the the modulation to affect more than one parameter.

Hope that helps.


answered Oct 09 '18 at 16:46 by hrrld (102)

Got the Novation MK1 Remote SL assigned dials and sliders to work in BITWIG 2.4, Wooo Using: SLMKII4BITWIG Jürgen Moßgraber

My very quick procedure Very Happy thank!

Ops one other thing any reason NI Massive is giving screams at the end of every note? Could it be the controller?


answered Oct 11 '18 at 12:13 by Likar (19)

edited Oct 11 '18 at 12:15

-1 This is the link ops!


answered Oct 09 '18 at 14:58 by Likar (19)

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