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So, I'm trialling Bitwig and having problems with controllers - does everyone go through these hassles to begin with?

One of the more frustrating aspects is getting my MIDI controllers (Behringer BCR2000, Novation Launchpad MK2, Korg nanoPad2) to work within Bitwig.

Through a lot of trial and error I managed to map controllers in the BCR to Bitwig - to begin with what I had the BCR mapped to would jump all over the place in Bitwig, changing from Default Script to MIDI seemed to fix this.

But the problem I now have is the Launchpad - for the life of me I cannot figure out what the default colour coding refers to in Scene mode. All I require is for the Launchpad to function as it does in Ableton - lights up where a clip is placed, and allows me to record, trigger individual clips, or entire scences. Is this possible, or do I need to locate a third-party script to do this?

Very frustrating when nothing seems to be plug & play... and the documentation seems to be fairly bare.


Have a look at my DrivenByMoss extension. It has very deep support for the Launchpad MkII. Furthermore, you get the Mackie protocol (supported by BCR2000?!) and the GenericFlexi, which gives you a lot of functionality for any controller. Lot's of tutorials can be found on my Youtube channel: Cheers!


answered Oct 12 '18 at 13:13 by moss (143)

Thanks @Moss! I'd seen mention of your extensions/scripts in my searches. Will look over the documentation and see if it'll do what I'm after.

Still getting my head around why a company (Bitwig) would outsource hardware support to its users?! Anyway, hopefully your extensions fix my problems :)

  — (Oct 14 '18 at 09:31) subset

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