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In Ableton for example, you can use a single MIDI source (MIDI In) to play any number of VST instruments, e.g. 5 instruments can share the same MIDI In and you toggle record arm to select which instrument to play.

As far as I can tell this doesn't seem possible in Bitwig, as your MIDI source has to specify a single output?

To explain further, I have an effect which takes an audio source, and outputs MIDI. So in Ableton I place that over an audio track, then select that audio channel as the MIDI input for my VST instruments. No problem in Ableton, but in Bitwig I can only play one VST per audio channel, as I need to specify a VST output for the audio channel.

Anyone know a way around this?


To answer my own question (actually thanks to Bitwig support for the email), in case this is helpful to anyone else:

The Instrument Selector.


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I've just realised this won't work, as I need individual channels for each VST instrument, to be able to record scenes and apply send effects individually. The Instrument Selector only works on one track.

So I'm still looking for a solution...


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I know it is an old topic, but being unanswered I try to give my idea.

I'm currently using Bitwig 2.5(beta4). I've checked 2.4.3 and it works the same.

You can use an instrument layer and channel filters!

First of all, you have to be sure that the instrument track accepts input from all channels and maps to the same channel received.

You do this in the inspector window. (see the picture below).

Then you add in the instrument track an Instrument Layer.

The instrument Layer is a container in which you can drag devices which shares the same input and output in parallel.

Now, you want to select which one to play in any channel, so before each plugin you add a Channel Filter, which is a MIDI device in which you can decide which midi channels are allowed to pass through.

If you want that on a particular channel more plugins plays together, you can let the same channel pass for more than one. You also have to choose to receive from all midi channels in your track input. Beware on that. I had to switch to generic controller because the Novation Impulse controller didn't work well. You can visually check on the channel filter device, which channels are actually receiving data: there is a small lamp for each channel, which lights on on traffic.

Just as an example, look below. Instrument Layer Example

I've loaded 16 plugins in the layer and added a filter for each one. I want that Hive and ZebraHZ play together on channel 5, so I left channel 5 on both.

I don't know if this solves all your issues, but I can tell you that this works.


PS. Please, upvote if you find this useful.


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Mmmmmm.... I'm having troubles when this is saved and reloaded. Looks like the midi input gets screwed up... I am pretty sure it depends on the novation controller script. I have to waive a bug to the developers as soon as I figure out exactly what happens...

  — (Feb 04 '19 at 09:59) fsciarra62

Ok... I have to open the project, then close it, then open again and it works... I also had to ban the Impulse controller script, renaming to Impulse.control.js.blacklist (or whatever you want which doesn't ends with js) and choose Generic because the Impulse seems to be unable to send on midi channels different from 1. I'm gonna filing a bug.

  — (Feb 05 '19 at 03:53) fsciarra62

So, thank to Bitwig support, which is always kind and fast, both problems are known. The Novation impulse controller script is unable to use all the midi channels. There is a confirmed bug in 2.5beta4 regarding the ChannelFilter plugin which will be solved in the next version. 2.4.3 works correctly. Thank you very much, Bitwig support.Always direct and competent. I'm proud to be part of this community. Bitwig rules! Fabrizio

  — (Feb 05 '19 at 23:30) fsciarra62

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