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in the user manual the envelope follower is described:

" A sidechain control that uses the device's incoming audio signal. Analysis of the incoming signal provides adjustable gain, switchable averaging modes, and Attack and Release times."

in German the envelope follower is described:

"Eine Sidechain-Steuerung, die auf jedes Audiosignal innerhalb des aktuell geöffneten Projekts Zugriff hat. Die Analyse eintreffender Audiosignale können Sie mit Hilfe eines Gain-Reglers, umschaltbaren Peak- und RMS Modus und Hoch- und Tiefpassfiltern anpassen."

When I now go into Bitwig, I see the english describtion is like the real behavior. But isn´t it a little bit incomplete Modulator?

There is no sidechaining or a reverse for frequency or amplitude Modulation.

This is no Error Report but it confused me a Little bit.

So it´s more like an enhancement question. It shouldn´t be much coding to realize this functions…


Patrick Hammer

The Audio Sidechain modulator is designed to do this.

I'm not sure what you mean for reverse for FM and AM. Could you please elaborate?


answered Nov 15 '18 at 17:23 by Jeremysfx (132)

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Yes, I thought that too, but they deliver different results… the envelope follower can deliver sharper results in the example down there. Two weeks ago I had much more differences in other examples. But I can´t describe it easy without to upload pictures.

  • Take a standart Legend 909 and set four on the Floor to the kick
  • set a delay one behind the 909
  • take the Audio sidechain and envelope follower in the delay
  • set the attack and release to Zero in both modulators

now you should see what I try to describe… perhaps you can set my Karma here to 60 and I give you pictures, but until then this easy example need to be enough…

What I mean with reverse AM or FM is Amplitude Modulation and Frequency Modulation... Reverse Amplitude is ok it´s the amount Parameter... I don´t know but perhaps I was a Little bit silly at the time I wrote that... or it was an idea in very deep thinking I don´t know...

But reverse the Frequency is not possible. What I mean with this, is to turn the Signal in the envelope follower around… the beginning of the modulated line to the end and the end to beginning…


answered Nov 18 '18 at 16:08 by n3r0m@nc3r (0)

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They may indeed give different results, but at the moment it is all Bitwig has to offer as far as sidechain envelope following goes.

I still don't quite get what your onto about the AM & FM. AM is just modulating the amplitude. At audio rates you would use the Audio Rate modulator. You can also achieve an FM effect by modulating the pitch of your synth or a pitch shifter plugin using the audio rate modulator. FM is something entirely different than AM. An envelope follower just follows the amplitude of a signal. It has nothing to do with Frequency. Frequency Modulation is modulating the Frequency of a signal and an envelope follower alone can not achieve this. You have to assign it to a pitch parameter. It sounds like when you say reverse you actually mean inverse. Say a value of +50 versus -50. This is always achieves when applying the modulator to a destination. You can assign both positive and negative amounts. Hope this helps


answered Nov 18 '18 at 23:32 by Jeremysfx (132)

ok,ok Modulation and fm or am was a bad choosen word from me... what I really mean was to Invert the envelope in x and y axis… y axis is possible and x axis not... but perhaps in the future…

but why I Posting this here is the sidechaining of the envelope follower, because in the german Manual the Modulator was declared as "Eine Sidechain-Steuerung, die auf jedes Audiosignal innerhalb des aktuell geöffneten Projekts Zugriff hat"

it´s ok that Bitwig now can´t do that, but perhaps in the future it would be nice...

all in all this Little Thing here inspired me... perhaps you are interested in: Link


answered Nov 19 '18 at 00:02 by n3r0m@nc3r (0)

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