asked Oct 23 '18 at 23:46 by sergeflorens (11)

Hi all,

I am looking for the best method to switch from scene to scene in a live situation, where I will be both playing instruments and clicking in the clip launcher. Ideally, my clips have all the same length, and it seems more natural and less mistake-prone that the next scene should start when the previous loop hits its final beat. To be clear, I'd like to click at any time in the current loop to initiate the next switch, which will take place only when the loop is finished. The current default is to click within the last bar of the loop, which is tricky to do live.

I've tried the options "Q. To Loop" and "Launch Q" of the arranger, but there are two very unpractical features: 1/ If one clip is not followed by a clip in the next scene, when clicking "play" in the next scene, this clip is immediately deactivated, while the others finish the loop. This is quite annoying... 2/ The "launch Q" options only offer a delay of 1, 2, 4, or 8 bars after the loop starting point, but if the loop has 12 bars, I cannot use this method. Again, not useful...

Do you know if there is a simple workaround? This seems to me so fundamental for any real life use of Bitwig that I really hope it can be done. Any help would be appreciated :-)

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