asked Oct 24 '18 at 03:24 by dcriken (11)

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 18.10. I also just upgraded to Bitwig 2.4.2. This issue was even before upgrading Bitwig but after upgrading Ubuntu. I found that I had no audio from recent projects. After much troubleshooting with JACK and my interface I found that the issue does not seem to be with JACK or the interface but with possibly Bitwig. I was able to actually get sound just fine from some recent projects and I can get sound just fine from new created projects. I am puzzled on why other recent projects have no sound. I know they are working because i see the meters in my Mix screen working as they should but there just is no sound through the interface.

What would affect audio from some projects but not others? What should I check? Any suggestions?

Well. No one offered any suggestions but I did some more playing around and found the issue was with the Carla-Rack device. When I disabled it the audio started working. At least now I know it has to do with that plugin in. I will just check to see if I am missing a dependency for Carla. Must have missed something after upgrading to Ubuntu 18.10. Technically this time around I did a clean install and not actually an upgrade. So I may have just missed something. In either case Bitwig is still awesome!


answered Oct 27 '18 at 05:52 by dcriken (11)

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