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Perhaps there is an easy way of doing this, but I am not aware of it. I'm a newb, so forgive me if my question comes off as completely stupid :D

Let me explain - imagine you were searching for a certain project where you did that special something, say a fantastic effect chain with which ou created an awesome glitch (or anything else), and you wanted to use it again in your current project. Of course, when you have many projects, it becomes a very painful task of opening every "suspected project" in Bitwig, till you find the right one. Even if you try your best to use some sort of naming convention, you still cannot cram everything in the filename. Even with presets and tagging system, you still cannot categorize every little thing you did, sometimes you just remember you did something in one of the projects and need to find it.

And it doesn't even have to be related to that, sometimes you just want to play your creations easily, without loading them in BWs - and if you haven't outputed them to wav, your only option is to load them in BWS 1by1.

From my newbish point of view, there are two ways of doing this

1) easy way of previewing projects directly, without loading them in Bitwig, like loading them inside a regular audio player on your computer - I'm thinking something along the lines of what you can do with AviSynth with video files. Anyone familiar with that will know what I'm talking about. Sure, there's that little task of coding such an app, but I'm just wondering if something like that is at all possible, even in theory?

2) ability to name the output files with project name as a prefix to "Master.wav". Since I almost alwyays render files to wav, this would pretty much solve the problem. Yes I know I can just load all "Master.wav" files in a player, and then see which is the right one, but a naming scheme would be much more convenient solution. I'm thinking this is one of the things which are planned for sure (I didn't see the option in any of the available versions)...

I know this might come off as something completely irrelevant, but it's something that would be of much help to me.


I understand your frustrations.. it is so easy nowadays to create many tracks quickly and than forget which project that "cool glitch effect chain" was in. most top producers stay very organized and you need to figure out how to name your projects and anything really, to keep track of them more easily. There is so so soo much to be said for organization and how that affects work flow. I include a start date on most of my project titles so I can easily keep my projects in chronological order which makes it easier to remember certain projects. It really helps years down the line when you can trace hundreds projects back to whenever. (this might be a little much but you see the point) My advice for if you create something you really like in a project is to save it right than and there. It takes two seconds out of the flow and than you have that effect chain or whatever saved for good. bitwig has great tags when you save presets that can be very helpful. If you are really having trouble forgetting what an effect chain does right after you save it than it probably was not very memorable in the first place. but if you really start stacking up "glitch effects chains" (for example) I would just number them..glitch chain 1, glitch chain 2 , glitch chain 3 etc.. anything works, my point is it does not always take an overly descriptive name to keep it memorable what that chain specifically does. Sadly there would be no way to preview a whole project in a browser (like you preview samples) since midi is really only a signal or a trigger of sorts, and not actually generating the sound. Even when you preview midi in Ableton it does so with some annoying default sound and not the actual instrument notes that the midi is triggering. Not being able to rename the master bounce at the export audio window is a little annoying but there are a couple alternatives. 1. you could rename (command + r) the master channel in your project and that will change the name of the master bounce file. 2. you can literally just rename the file as soon it is exported. Just because it is exported as Master.wav does not mean it has to stay that way you can essentially name it anything.wav..on a mac just option + click in finder.

hope this helps

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