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[READ FURTHER FOR THE SOLUTION] Hi, I'm struggling to use Bitwig Studio 2.4.2 to mix some multitracks from renowned Cambridge MT site. I found that some of the tracks in my mixes, like a guitar, or a synth, or backvocals, were ending unexpectedly, compared to all the other's mix. I've now discovered that when converting to raw a track imported with the default stretch mode, the conversion goes "peanuts". If that track contains audio which will need to extend the track length because of the "raw" conversion, it gets miserably cut. It doesn't matter if you try to enlarge the track before the conversion, because Bitwig "remembers" the ""originally imported track size"" and cuts the audio the same. This is a very bad bug, actually a show stopper. I cannot mix tracks imported from other recordings. Do you have a workaround, while this bug gets solved? If you can't reproduce that behavior, I can easily point to some material in order to check. Thanks, Fabrizio

[SOLVED] In general this behaviour has been someway solved in 2.5,

There is an option in the SETTINGS tab in the DASHBOARD, in the menu Behavior.

You can select the default stretch mode. If you set both LONG SAMPLES and SHORT SAMPLES to RAW, when you import the tracks they are correctly imported. They will not be in sync with your project tempo indication, of course.

You can search for the right tempo using click or grid alignment and then set the right metadata of the clips.

In this way, you can use one of the very good stretching algorithm to adapt to tempo modification you want: Bitwig is very good in this... It also adapt to sample rate, pitch change, etc. More or less automagically...

Clearly if the raw material is documented, the correct values are got from metadata and you have nothing to do, only select your preferred algorithm.

Best regards,


In Preferences you can set the default behavior for imported samples to stay Raw, so there’s one approach. Also “Stretch” mode is 100% neutral as long as you don’t actually stretch it. So if you make sure the project tempo matches the original samples tempo, the file hasn’t really been changed in any way.

If you bring in new samples in raw mode (via Preferences), you can always warp them later as needed.


answered Nov 12 '18 at 22:59 by Baphy (209)

You should still be able to extend tracks fully in raw (meaning you end up with the entire track.) Are you sure you haven't got the tracks set to loop? Should switch that off before extending, else tracks may loop back to the start from the original end point (end point which has now moved due to bpm switch re: mode change) Hope you know what I mean, although your issue may be a legit bug, dunno, but make sure you try deactivating loop mode first to check. Eliminate it from your enquiries!

And as mentioned above, if you know the bpm of tracks you are importing (and set project bpm to match) then you can use default stretch mode no probs anyway, as it does not stretch anything if the bpm is the same. It will basically be raw, yet also able to stretch accurately later if required. Note you may need to adjust the bpm of stems individually, as when you drag in tracks, Bitwig will guess the bpm and will usually be inaccurate. Also may have different bpms for each track! Best way is to drag them all in together, then change the bpm to the correct amount on them all (highlight all and change bpm in inspector) can then extend all to be complete tracks- as long as loop is off(!) Should deactivate loop on them all when you change bpm.


answered Nov 13 '18 at 06:26 by Tankberg (11)

Have you solved this by now? I think I'm experiencing the same bug (just send off a bug report).


answered Apr 27 '19 at 00:02 by qgg (11)

It now works for me... I have updated the description, I forgot to report back. Thanks for signaling. Do you want to try to explain what happens to you? Maybe I can be of help,

  — (Apr 27 '19 at 01:51) fsciarra62

Yes. So when I import a file in raw mode which I exported in raw mode, the ends of the import will be cut off. When I drag the end point of these clips to the right, it only reveals an empty signal.

  — (Apr 27 '19 at 03:29) qgg

Hi, might you be a bit more detailed? Which Bitwig version, platform, Might you share an example? What do you mean by you exported in raw mode?


  — (Apr 27 '19 at 04:13) fsciarra62

Maybe it is better if you start another answer, instead of commenting. Fabrizio

  — (Apr 27 '19 at 04:13) fsciarra62

I'm using Bitwig 2.4.3 and with "raw mode" I mean that I exported audio files that are "raw" (not stretched, for example). When I then import them (with preference set to raw), the ends are cut off. See here:

When I drag to the clip to the left (as I did with two green clips in the example), there's only silence.

When I listen to the exported files on my computer (outside of Bitwig), none of them are cut off. They all fade out nicely as intended.


answered Apr 27 '19 at 12:39 by qgg (11)

mmmmmm. Strange.

This is the behavior I had previously.Why do not you give a chance to 2.5?

Just to try, if you do not have anactive plan, you run it in demo mode, just to see if it is a 2.4 bug.

Tell me what happens.



answered Apr 27 '19 at 13:04 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Ah, so did this simply get fixed by an update for you? Unfortunately, 2.4.3 is the last version I can update to and I don't want to get the upgrade plan just for the bug. :( But yeah, I might try to test it just to be sure!


answered Apr 27 '19 at 14:00 by qgg (11)

edited Apr 27 '19 at 14:00

It is not only the bug. There are several advances in 2.5 (currently 2.5.1 is coming) and there is also the grid, 3.0, expected this year. Give it a try, and check the changelog for 2.5 and 2.5.1. Well, I know that I am a little biased because I really love Bitwig and let me stay away from other os and continue to work in Linux: so much stability and flexibility I do not wanna loose. Even for audio... Ok, some plugins are missing, but I can live with Uhe, discoDSP, Loomer, OvertoneDSP. And all the Carla, lsp, Calf, Zyn/Yoshimi, etc. etc.

  — (Apr 27 '19 at 14:31) fsciarra62

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