asked Nov 06 '18 at 20:11 by ejh (11)

I just bought 2.4. It is registered to 2 machines I have. Mac High Sierra 10.13.6. on both macs. I had the Demo model already installed on both. When I booted up Bitwig it says

"Congrats! You are running a licensed version of Bitwig Studio in guest mode. Bitwig Studio will be temporarily authorized while the program remains open and your computer remain online. (If you go offline, you will be given the opportunity to save open session files.)"

I assume from this that you have to be online on both machines when you work in Bitwig. And that you can never work offline which would be a bummer if you want to work offline.

Also, why does it say "guest mode"

I just want to make sure there is no problem with the authorization.

I got a code when I purchased yesterday. Do I have to input that somewhere in Bitwig or on my account??

Thank You Ellen

Hello Ellen. Try to open Bitwig Studio one more time. It should be OK on the next launch.


answered Nov 06 '18 at 22:50 by Enrize (259)

Thank You Enrize. I will try this tommorow. I tried it on my other machine when I got home and it just worked. There was no mention of guest mode. I will try on the original Mac tomorrow. Thnaks for your insight and prompt reply. Ellen :)

  — (Nov 06 '18 at 23:52) ejh

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