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Hello I switched to bitwig recently and used lot Fl studio in the past and really, bitwig is Big but some functiun on FL missed me. If some one could hel, i love the FL stdio "CHOKE" track, you can configure for each track if another one will choke it, like in the drum tool in bitwig but applied to all track, you can use track one to mute (midi) track 5+6 and track 6 will be mut by 2, just for example... It useful and fun, will love to see similar tool in bitwig

Random pattern was really my favorite tool, choose several track and random them, chose major, minor, velocity and click, every click give you a complet pattern random... Very usefull, i know the chaos tool on bitwig, but in fl, it was really lot of fun to select multiple track, click random several time and surprise :)

Another big thing was to use a line of auomation as a source, once you draw your automation, you can use it for anythig in FL, if you draw it for a cut off you can retrieve this automation in you context menu for modulating another parameter in FL, automation was drawn to be a modulator, and the better, is that automation legnth could be modulate too, so you can take an LFO to modulate the pitch on the automation lane, you can see it growing lot of fun

Could this take place in bitwig?

Just ideas :)

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