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Hello I am thinking about upgrading from 8-track. I like the workflow in Bitwig , One of my main uses in my other DAW (Cubase) is Voice over Video. Recording a track while watching the synced video which makes it easy to place in the video editing process later. Does Bitwig studio support video for that use?

Any updates on this thread? I am a Presonus Studio One user and I am liking the Bitwig Workflow, Performance and UI more than my current one, but I not having integrated/synchronized video support is a show stopper for me. Is there any plan to include video support in a future version? I bet this is preventing other users from partially or fully switching from their current DAWS.


answered Dec 28 '19 at 21:48 by prods (71)

i haved used this successfully :

on linux it's free :) ... others platforms 18€


answered Nov 28 '18 at 10:40 by Triiif (21)

It is not working well in Bitwig 3 on Windows 10. Just check the registered bugs (NOTES/Gotchas)

Synchronisation in Bitwig Studio and SoundBridge: In these DAWs VidPlayVST synchronises to the host timeline ONLY WHEN THE TRANSPORT IS RUNNING (i.e. the user has hit 'play'). When the transport is stopped the plug-in window does not refresh if the timeline is moved by clicking or dragging within the project. This is a limitation of the plug-in interface provided by these particular DAWs.


answered Jul 18 '19 at 18:12 by Ollerbytes (11)

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