asked Nov 23 '18 at 01:39 by NERDFIGURE (31)


Hello I am thinking about upgrading from 8-track. I like the workflow in Bitwig , One of my main uses in my other DAW (Cubase) is Voice over Video. Recording a track while watching the synced video which makes it easy to place in the video editing process later. Does Bitwig studio support video for that use?

i haved used this successfully :

on linux it's free :) ... others platforms 18€


answered Nov 28 '18 at 10:40 by Triiif (11)

It is not working well in Bitwig 3 on Windows 10. Just check the registered bugs (NOTES/Gotchas)

Synchronisation in Bitwig Studio and SoundBridge: In these DAWs VidPlayVST synchronises to the host timeline ONLY WHEN THE TRANSPORT IS RUNNING (i.e. the user has hit 'play'). When the transport is stopped the plug-in window does not refresh if the timeline is moved by clicking or dragging within the project. This is a limitation of the plug-in interface provided by these particular DAWs.


answered Jul 18 '19 at 18:12 by Ollerbytes (11)

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