asked Nov 28 '18 at 04:52 by jinglemarsta (21)

I have a VST plug-in, the "SW ESX-8CV Combiner" (part of the Expert Sleeper's Silent Way Suite). It has 10 discrete Inputs, aptly numbered 1 through 10. Synonymous with multi-out chains, I'd like to be able to route incoming Audio to whichever input I want. It seems I can't do this though. BWS (2.4.3) doesn't appear to have way to address multiple inputs into VST's. There is a "sidechain input" option, but this will only route an output to the second stereo pair of the plug-in (Channel 3/4). So effectively I can't define and input for channel 6-10 on my SW ESX-8CV Combiner.

Is this correct, or is there some way to achieve this?

I heard back from Bitwig Support and can confirm that only up to 4 Audio inputs are supported by BWS for multi-channel VST plug-ins.

So if your VST device has more than 4 inputs, at this time (BWS 2.4.3) you can't use any inputs above 4.

Of the 4 that you can use, the input audio routing into VST's is currently nailed up to 2 stereo pairs, namely stereo pair 1/2 and stereo pair 3/4.

By default audio sent to a VST will enter via input stereo pair 1/2. Using the Sidechain Input option of the VST you can gain access to input stereo pair 3/4.

I have been advised by Bitwig Support that the ability to individually address VST audio inputs and the support of multiple (more than 4) VST audio inputs is currently on the BWS "wish list". I'm wishing...


answered Nov 29 '18 at 00:04 by jinglemarsta (21)


Thanks for posting your findings. I’m also trying to setup a vst with multiple inputs. I’m looking for the sidechain input to access inputs 3/4 - where would it be located?

Many thanks, and here’s hoping they implement full multichannel support soon!


answered Mar 22 '19 at 03:58 by Vessel (11)

What?? How am I supposed to route multiple inputs into Maschine if I can only have 2 stereo pairs?


answered Sep 04 '19 at 19:41 by zouzmusic (11)

I'm waiting for this feature.. Bitwig doesn't work optimally with NI Maschine if it cant send multiple inputs.


answered Sep 05 '19 at 23:09 by zouzmusic (11)

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