asked Nov 29 '18 at 11:06 by mortoray (73)

I'm still quite unclear on how to get any kind of audio inputs working on Linux. None of the Also, Pulse, or JACK setups list any of the named inputs my system has. pavucontrol lists all the ones I want.

I've tried Jack, but QJackCtl also doesn't list any of the devices to connect.

The best I've managed is choosing an Alsa driver and choosing one specific hardware device. This works, but is obviously not ideal as my output must also go there, and I can't use multiple devices.

What audio device are you using? Be aware that not all audio adapters are supported in linux.

Are the inputs and outputs coming from the same audio adapter?

For pro-audio the best choice of adapters for linux are usb class compliant audio adapters (e.g. ES-8).


answered Feb 13 '19 at 17:09 by oli4vr (31)

You have to add input and output channels in the setup->Audio.

Read page 11 of the user manual.

If you need more help, list the hardware you are using.

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answered Feb 14 '19 at 00:49 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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May sound silly, but ...

Open Qjackctl, click 'Start' to start Jack if not already started. Click 'Connect'. Under the 'Audio' tab in there, do you see something like 'System'?

If so, click the little sideways arrow next to 'System'. Are all your inputs/outputs there? If you have Bitwig running, there should be a separate entry for 'Bitwig' (not under System but separate entry) and clicking the arrow next to that should show all its ins/outs. Everything there?

If so, you can simply connect whatever Bitwig outs you want to System ins (usually 1/2). You can get way more complicated than this, but there's a start.

More detail will allow us to give you more help. You are simply trying to get sound out of Bitwig then out of your speakers/headphones? The above instructions should get you there.

If you can't start jack in Qjackctl or those entries are missing, or their ins/outs are missing, then you have another problem(s) that requires deeper digging.


answered Feb 25 '19 at 07:27 by Bucky (21)

edited Feb 25 '19 at 07:30

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