asked Nov 29 '18 at 13:49 by mortoray (73)

I have an input attached to my M-Audio 2x2. In a stopped state I can hear the instrument play through the output. When I start playback though it appears to cut off that sound. I've tried playing with the monitoring buttons but they don't appear to change this.

How can I continue to hear my instrument during playback?

This happens when there is audio recorded on that track at the position in playback. If there is no audio recorded then I can continue to hear the sound through.

  — (Nov 29 '18 at 13:51) mortoray

The same here, if i understand it right.

if i record a loop, i can not preview the audio on the armed track, if u unarm the track, the record goes on, but when u hit monitoring icon (speaker nearby input source), then monitoring switch off when the loops start next round. i asked it just now, and i don't know it is a bug or normal.

Sure in an aspect of recording audio in a loop you continuous overwrite audio. But when midi is recorded you add midinotes, so previewing become a higher state and should work this way

  — (Jun 29 '19 at 23:09) BlackHoleNFO

Hi, I can't find a solution for this basic problem. IS bitwig reading here?

Thanks a lot for debugging this


answered Feb 24 at 17:59 by Mathiross (41)

bump, this is really important for me, jaming over your loop is essential !


answered May 16 at 21:42 by Triiif (21)


first of all, developers don't listen to this list, not always.

This is a user-driven Q/A. It is clearly written in the rules.

If you want to directly address developers, write to

Now. As a basic operation, if you have playback activated, the recorded material takes precedence on your real-time material, in any DAW I know, unless you record again.

If you want to play over the recorded stuff, just duplicate the track and record on the second, so you can have your old material and the new. Or create a new one with correct input... doesn't matter.

If you want to get rid of the old, delete it and record again on the same clip.

If you want to automatically go on a new clip, select record on the next available slot in the post-record on play menu and choose the right length for the clip.

You cannot overdub on the same clip over and over, at my current knowledge, if that was the question. Integrate SooperLooper via Jack if you need this, or what you like as a looper machine.



answered May 17 at 19:25 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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