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dom ♦♦ (2.1k)

In a Hybrid track, you're supposed to get these little Note/Audio buttons in the top-left of a Hybrid track. They were indeed there when I started my track, but they've disappeared over time.

Now my Hybrid track looks like this:

The issue, luckily, persists across saves, so I've made a much-boiled-down version of my track file that exhibits the bug:

Additional Information: I've noticed, while trying to create a small test-case file for you guys, that deleting tracks sometimes makes the buttons re-appear, and inserting tracks makes them (sometimes) disappear again.

I'm on 2.4.2 on Linux.

  — (Dec 01 '18 at 02:34) Entropy

Could it be that you are selecting a Clip in the Clip Launcher? It seems the Audio/Note toggle is only visible for Clips on the timeline.

  — (Dec 03 '18 at 09:20) fredrik

Yep. Just double checked. Doesn't show in the Edit view of the Track. I never use Bitwig's Clip functionality.

  — (Dec 03 '18 at 11:54) Entropy

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