asked Dec 01 '18 at 07:42 by Magic_Russ (101)

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I was trying to audition some of the MIDI drum loops from my library. I would like to be able to audition them using the currently selected track. Unfortunately, the MIDI is directed to a very basic melodic tone generator. Instead of something that sounds like drum beats I get something that sounds like a kid banking on a cheap keyboard.

Is there something I am doing wrong, or is this a case of a 'feature' not being well implemented?

It would be an awesome feature. It doesn't currently support this. Haven't heard any rumour of it upcoming either.


answered Jan 26 '19 at 03:08 by jaesm (148)

I don't know if I'd call it an "awesome" feature as much as one that should be expected. Would you believe that there are pattern based DAWS which haven't been developed in a dozen years that implement this feature?

  — (Feb 07 '19 at 06:29) Magic_Russ

It would be nice to see this.


answered Dec 01 '19 at 13:18 by Tellurian (41)

I'm bumping this. When it comes to 3rd party midi loops, I really only use them for drums. It would be great to be able to select a device/preset for auditioning them for the track. Right now I have to open each loop into the arranger to hear it properly. It would be great to say "audition this loop with the device and processing on track x". That way you can even change kits easily. I'm sure this would be very useful for melodic or pad midi clips as well. Seems almost essential.


answered May 01 at 18:14 by eprincen (61)

Any chance this is one of the browser related issues in 2.5?


answered Dec 12 '18 at 05:04 by Magic_Russ (101)

Any chance v3 will fix this?


answered Jan 20 '19 at 04:09 by Magic_Russ (101)

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