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I was trying to audition some of the MIDI drum loops from my library. I would like to be able to audition them using the currently selected track. Unfortunately, the MIDI is directed to a very basic melodic tone generator. Instead of something that sounds like drum beats I get something that sounds like a kid banking on a cheap keyboard.

Is there something I am doing wrong, or is this a case of a 'feature' not being well implemented?

It would be an awesome feature. It doesn't currently support this. Haven't heard any rumour of it upcoming either.


answered Jan 26 '19 at 03:08 by jaesm (128)

I don't know if I'd call it an "awesome" feature as much as one that should be expected. Would you believe that there are pattern based DAWS which haven't been developed in a dozen years that implement this feature?

  — (Feb 07 '19 at 06:29) Magic_Russ

Any chance this is one of the browser related issues in 2.5?


answered Dec 12 '18 at 05:04 by Magic_Russ (61)

Any chance v3 will fix this?


answered Jan 20 '19 at 04:09 by Magic_Russ (61)

It would be nice to see this.


answered Dec 01 '19 at 13:18 by Tellurian (21)

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