asked Dec 02 '18 at 22:08 by willyvvu (21)

Strangely enough, they work in both Play and Drum modes though. I'm using a Launchkey 61. And yes, I'm sure I'm not changing the MIDI channel by accident.

I do have a few feature requests separate from this thread though:

  • Change the lighting status of the incontrol buttons to reflect the current mode?
  • Dim the upper pads in Play mode for panels that aren't able to be selected?
  • Be able to adjust pan and sends by holding the incontrol button and selecting the labeled pads in the lower level, then using the knobs?
  • Being able to use the pads to arm/mute/solo tracks?
  • Being able to configure whether or not hitting the play button again while playing acts like the space bar?
  • Offer a way to select a certain track? Maybe by holding one of the track arrows and pressing the button under a certain track?
  • Getting an overview mode for projects with large numbers of clips or tracks (like on a Launchpad)?
  • Pressing Launch mode again toggles a vertical view of clips and a horizontal one (like clip launcher in mixer vs arranger view). Maybe it also just follows the current UI layout of bitwig?
  • Being able to create new tracks???

Great work on the plugin overall though! Keep it up.

My bad - I realized that in Launch mode, the Track buttons do work: they just scroll the clip launcher by pages instead of switching tracks.

  — (Dec 03 '18 at 08:54) willyvvu

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