asked Dec 04 '18 at 06:20 by bbarker3 (346)

I have placed an instance of Kontakt and the Bitwig Sampler on their own tracks, with track volume at -10dB each. I load the same multi-sample (WAV) files into both Kontakt and BW Sampler. The output volume of both the Kontact and BW Sampler devices are set at 0dB. The volume I get from the Kontakt track is FAR louder than the Bitwig Sampler track. Why?

Could it be due to the velocity sensitivity setting on the Bitwig Sampler?


answered Dec 06 '18 at 00:55 by dgmulf (78)

Yeah, I just loaded up a sample into an instance of Sampler and Kontakt 5, both with velocity sensitivity off and output at 0 dB. I can confirm that they're identical, and phase-cancel with each other.

  — (Dec 07 '18 at 00:52) dgmulf

Thanks, good idea. I recorded a midi clip of some notes, all the same velocity, same clip for both tracks. Huge difference in volume, at least 15dB. Seems really a huge difference!


answered Dec 06 '18 at 03:51 by bbarker3 (346)

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