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Hello, I have a problem with double click on left button on mouse in some proccess. It seems there is a bug, when i clicking (double click) on BPM numer to edit a new number with the keyboard it's not working. In addition it happened when left double click (mini channel) on playlist window a pop up midi cube needs to show up but it doesnt. I insert a link with 2 videos that describe the bug. videos attachment

Bitwig version: 2.3.5 OP: windows 8 Screen (PC monitor): Samsung 49" QLED Gaming Monitor With 32:9 Super Ultra-Wide Screen Mouse: Razer Mamba

Hope you understand and send me your answer soon. Thanks, Eden Shalev email:

Hmm, that seems weird. Was it working before and then it stopped working or is this a new computer? Out of curiosity double-clicking speed it set up in Windows to the desired speed and it is working in other applications? Maybe try with another mouse?


answered Dec 19 '18 at 04:32 by sumpygump (11)

I use the same computer I have not changed anything except the new 49-inch screen of Samsung Before I worked with two screens of hp : After changing screen The problem began I can not change things in double click the mouse Can not change bpm at all in both Playlists and within any sound I put And also open midi Write a midi tune It has not happened to me before I believe it's a bug There are also bugs in the sound When I put every sound on solo I sometimes have small noises Of dirt Signed in from channels in mute

I really hope you'll help me if the problem Because I really like your software I moved to her from Cubase


answered Dec 24 '18 at 15:33 by Edenshalev (11)

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