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is there any plans to make ipad version. I have found some useful music apps on the ipad. I have produced some things on it Would be nice to have solid DAW to use . Cubase is in the app store and needs some competition

But iOS uses Objective-C, so they wouldn’t do that because they already have a kernel that doesn’t support Java.

Cubase is cool if you’re a midi guy. I really love Logic Pro, I’ve used I think probably every DAW and I’ve come to realize Bitwig and Logic X is a nice compliment for each other — used separately for different parts of the process


answered Feb 08 '19 at 23:39 by Rezivor123 (31)

Ehm... Cubasis.... and Auria Pro... And Beatmaker3... they are all for IOS...

  — (Feb 09 '19 at 01:09) fsciarra62

And they’re all boring

  — (Feb 09 '19 at 01:16) Rezivor123

Buy a Surface Pro/Go

  — (Feb 12 '19 at 00:14) sticklebrick

What about bitwig for iPadOS?


answered Sep 29 '19 at 12:12 by pitneysbears (21)

edited Sep 29 '19 at 12:12

If they’re not it’s likely because they don’t know how. They’re relatively small and all the engineers who worked on the software seem to be Linux guys.

Hey Bitwig, Hire some IOS people to make an iPad Pro app. Be like FruityLoops


answered Feb 08 '19 at 17:28 by Rezivor123 (31)

Bitwig is a big, well written and real-time Java application.

Do you know how good is Java on iPad?

I believe a complete 0.

Apple does not support Java on IOS.

I think Bitwig programmers can program even on a 1970 washing machine, definitely not only Linux guys.

Best regards, Fabrizio


answered Feb 08 '19 at 18:58 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Time will tell. If they release a version of bitwig for the iPad Pro tomorrow they would make 50 million in a month. There is incentive to do this.


answered Feb 08 '19 at 19:28 by Rezivor123 (31)

So, ask Apple to support Java on iPad.

I will be very happy too.

I am a devloper but develop for iOs ... no, thanks.

For the moment, I have Cubasis, Auria, Beatmaker3, others I do not recall... and all of them pretty sucks.

Just my opinion, it stands clear.



answered Feb 08 '19 at 21:29 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

Quite a bit of misinformation here.

  1. Bitwig isn't a Java app. The GUI appears to be written in Java but the audio engine almost certainly isn't
  2. It's true that Apple doesn't allow the JVM on iOS but that doesn't prevent Bitwig from writing a native GUI and simply calling to the Bitwig audio engine
  3. The audio engine itself would be relatively straightforward to port to iOS as it's already a portable enough code base to compile to both Windows and macOS. Apple's build tools make this process straightforward.
  4. The notion that Linux coders can't write to target iOS is ludicrous. Any programmer with the ability to write quality code like Bitwig can easily target iOS.

I personally hope that Bitwig does target iOS/iPad. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. The latest iPad pros are faster than the majority of laptops now sold including MacBook pros and they're inexpensive and portable.


answered Feb 13 '19 at 03:12 by stamler (11)

just to clarify. I personally never sayd a "bs" about linux coders capabilities. I am a coder for living and I do real-time multiplatform dsp and 3d: I drive a company with 10 developers, including myself.. So I know what this means. I've sayd that they can program anything on any platform. Full stop. I do not know the internals of Bitwig, I didn't try to analize the native code to understand which part of the applicationis has been compiled or which language they use other than java or whatever. I buy it, I have it since v1. I would buy it if will be available on IOS, probably. Sure I don't held my breath for that. I prefer they invest their effort to the desktop version, for which I can put my money, expecially for the Linux version. And, yes, I hate Apple policy on sotware. And having lost some application I have payd just because Apple ios has become incompatible with previous version and developers, simply, didn'tupgrade...well... It is not a platform on which I want to spend a lot of money anymore. I did and was an error.

That's my experience.





answered Feb 13 '19 at 03:43 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

So, digging a little more, I found a link to this facebook comments by Bitwig developers.

So the it is not full Java..

I apologize for my misinformation about Java.

  — (Feb 13 '19 at 04:20) fsciarra62

It's completely possible to run a Java based GUI application on ios and ipad os. You need to embed your app in a Gluon client solution.

You have an explainations here :

The audio kernel is written in C/C++ so it's completely supported by ipad os and ios.

Migration for ipad os woudn't be that hard I guess.


answered Sep 29 '19 at 17:54 by cyberlife-music (71)

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