asked Dec 26 '18 at 08:36 by occupy (11)

Hello, hope you have all pleasant christmas days. :-) Anyway, can somebody help me and describe how the VST Plugin "MONTAGE Connect" can be installed in Bitwig Studio 2.4. Background: In the past I use Cubase 9.5 as my DAW, but now I want to work with Bitwig and Maschine Jam. But Bitwig and Cubase are different. I tried a lot, with no success. Please, help.

Hi Occupy,

Can you elaborate on the issue?


answered Dec 31 '18 at 00:42 by sticklebrick (469)

Thank you for your answer sticklebrick. II have no success to use my Yamaha Montage as a VST-Instrument in Bitwig, I am in contact with the Bitwig-Support Team in that case. Did you connect the Montage to Bitwig?


answered Dec 31 '18 at 09:41 by occupy (11)

Sticklebrick, I am realy disappointed. See the last status (18.01.19) of the Bitwigticket. Do you see the problematic with the USB Audiolines? Can you help? If you interested and cannot understand german, I translate it.


answered Jan 19 '19 at 10:42 by occupy (11)

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Hi Occupy,

Sorry you are still having problems. I don't use facebook so I can't see your link. I don't own the Montage either, I was trying to help if the issue was a simple fix. Have Bitwig Tech support been helpful? Maybe contact Yamaha. I did a quick search and found this forum post below, it mentions a USB audio driver. Have you installed and configured this?


answered Jan 19 '19 at 11:57 by sticklebrick (469)

Hi sticklebrick, no, the topic discussed you linked to, is a yamaha/cubase-rookie-problem. ;-) It takes time, till you have all things (drivers, configurations . . . ) together :-D

No, I assume, there is a basic problem in Bitwig 2.4 with Steinberg VST.

I tested the "Halion 6" VST-Plugin in Bitwig, which works in Bitwig (near) expected.

I tested the "Yamaha MONTAGE Connect" VST-Plugin in Bitwig 2.4 and had to consider, that there is no way to activate the severals USB Audio-Lines, just like I can do it with the "Halion 6" VST-Plugin in Bitwig 2.4.

So, I asked the Bitwig Hotline for help. In short and simple, their answer: They don't know, why they made(!) in the Bitwig-Device(!) of the "Halion 6" VST-Plugin a Button to activate the USB-Audio Lines and in the Bitwig-Device(!) of the "Yamaha MONTAGE Connect" VST-Plugin, not(!).

I assume, the Bitwig-Supporter assumes, that the "YAMAHA MONTAGE Connect" VST-Plugin does not deliver the USB Audio-Lines and so, the "Bitwig-Software" has no button to display and he has tested this behaviour.

Otherwise this could be a scandal, because VST is an open standard and I think YAMAHA is not allowed to deliver USB Audio-Lines in Cubase via "Yamaha MONTAGE Connect" VST-Plugin and with the same(!) VST-Plugin in Bitwig, not(!).


answered Jan 19 '19 at 14:27 by occupy (11)

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FYI The last email to above Topic, I got from Bitwig Support. Sorry in german. Please copy&paste and translate with Google, if you want.

Hallo Manfred,

in dem Satz fehlte leider das Wort Handbuch - er bezieht sich auf das Kapitel 0.2.2 in der Bitwig Studio Dokumentation.

Wie nun bereits mehrfach erwähnt ist das Montage Connect VST kein(!) VST welches Audio ausgeben kann, wie auch hier beschrieben:

Es eignet sich lediglich zur Datenübertragung - auch in Cubase liefert das Plugin selbst kein Audio, wie im obrigen Link bei Yamaha erklärt. Die Ausgänge des angeschlossenen Montage Synthesizers werden, wie die Montage Dokumentation nahelegt, in allen DAWs als Audiointerface Eingänge angelegt. Dazu der Verweis auf das Bitwig Studio Handbuch zum Einrichten eines Audiointerfaces um damit in Audiotracks aufnehmen zu können.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen, Bitwig Support Team


answered Jan 22 '19 at 21:09 by occupy (11)

Hello Manfred,

unfortunately the word manual was missing in the sentence - it refers to the chapter 0.2.2 in the Bitwig Studio documentation.

As already mentioned several times, the Montage Connect VST is not a (!) VST which can output audio, as described here:

It's just for data transfer - even in Cubase the plugin itself does not deliver audio, as stated in the above link at Yamaha. As the installation documentation suggests, the outputs of the connected Montage Synthesizer are created in all DAWs as audio interface inputs. Here is the reference to the Bitwig Studio manual for setting up an audio interface for recording in audio tracks.

Best regards, Bitwig Support Team


answered Jan 22 '19 at 21:21 by sticklebrick (469)

Hi Occupy,

I posted the translation for others to see.

It doesn't look like you have solved the problem......?

I have looked more closely at the the Montage Connect VST information. Bitwig Support are correct. The Montage Connect VST is for transfer of data only, not audio. And it looks like the full capabilities of this plugin will only be supported in Steinberg DAWs for the moment. I suspect that, this is because Steinberg created the VST3 standard, they have worked with Yamaha to implement some of the more advanced features from the VST3 protocol, in this plugin, before many other DAW/VST developers. VST3 is still "relatively" new. I thinks it's going to take time for the rest of the industry to catch up and start using these new capabilities.

You should still be able to receive and transmit MIDI CC data between Bitwig and your Montage Synth to some extent. The Montage Synth has a built in audio interface, doesn't it? You should be able to select it as an audio interface in the Audio Section of Settings in Bitwig and record audio from your Montage. If you need to use more than one audio interface simultaneously with Bitwig look up an application called ASIO4ALL.

I hope this helps.......


answered Jan 22 '19 at 21:57 by sticklebrick (469)

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