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I´d love to be able to play samples chromaticaly directly from the drumrack with just a push of a boton. A little keyboard switch on each cell would be ideal for me.

Let me know if I missed something or if you have any workaround that is not dragging the sampler into a new track.


Would sticking a midi note receiver before the sampler inside the drum machine cell work? Of course you would need to set it to receive midi from a seperate midi track................... could set a different midi channel for each individual drum machine cell and have separate midi tracks with the midi channel assigned to same midi channel of each cell, you can also set the midi channel of individual midi notes on a single midi track but I would imagine this would get pretty confusing (shame you can't colour code individual notes!)

Correction: You can colour code notes according to MIDI Channel, Clip and Pitch Class. *Highlight a MIDI note with the Time Tool and right click.*


answered Dec 31 '18 at 00:38 by sticklebrick (388)

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The best way to go is to set seperate midi channels indeed.

  — (Feb 26 '19 at 11:33) Ton-ish

I know you can play samples chromatic in the sampler, click the keyboard icon


answered Feb 09 '19 at 07:23 by YYBY (59)

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