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Hi guys. I'm totally new to using any kind of DAW software, so please forgive my ignorance and for asking what might be considered as daft questions. So here goes... I have bought a Roli seabioard rise 49 which had Bitwig 8 track bundled with it. I also had strobe 2 and cypher 2 as synths which of course can act as plugins. Now, I managed to work out how to get Bitwig to allow me to add both these packages into the devices page on the right hand side and can drag one to the first "Inst" track which allows me to the use selected sound. BUT... How do I get the next track to allow me to replicate this using for instance, strobe on track 1 ("Inst") and cypher on track 2. I can drag and drop both and the packages open in their own right but my keyboard is only able to play track 1 but not track 2 when I click on either. Also, if I want use different instruments from the same plugin on different tracks, will Bitwig allow me to do this? Will it allow both instruments to then run together when reviewing / playing them back? This software is not straight forward to use as a newby. I'm used to good old workstations! I can't even get the bloody thing to record anything I'm playing when I hit the record button! What's that all about?!!!

Hi Funkstar124,

I'm not an 8-track user but I do know there are some limitations with this version. I'm not quite sure what you are wanting to achieve but it sounds like you want to send the same midi data to two different synths? You can do this in the full version of Bitwig by placing an Instrument Layer device on your instrument track and then placing both of your vst synths inside it.

If the 8-track version doesn't have this device you can try creating a new instrument track with the second synth loaded onto it, then place a midi note receiver device before it in the device chain. The midi note receiver can then be set to receive midi from the first track with the first synth on it.

Not sure why you are having trouble recording.... Are your tracks armed? There is a small grey square with a white circle on each track, clicking it turns it red with a black circle which means your track is "armed" to record.

Hope this helps..........


answered Dec 31 '18 at 00:14 by sticklebrick (480)

Hi sticklebrick. Thanks for responding. Since posting I've stumbled into doing what you said in the first part of your answer as in getting both tracks to play one midi note simultaneously. To clarify a little more, if I have an instrument track for each of my two synths set up, but as there are eight tracks and two are set as instrument tracks that support the synths, do I have to record the two tracks first then copy on to the other tracks as I go. I know the full version allows you to allocate as many instrument tracks from your synths as you want. Thanks for your help. Really appreciated..

  — (Dec 31 '18 at 19:56) Funkstar124

If 8-Track doesn't have the instrument layer device then unfortunately you'll have to put each synth on it's own track. So it sounds like you want to then "merge" the audio from the 2 tracks to one track to make the most of the 8 tracks you have? Again, I'm not sure what your limitations are....... but there are several ways I know, to go about this in the full version.....

  1. Group the tracks you want to merge. Then perform a bounce (I usually opt for pre-fader) on the grouped clip/s in the group lane. You can then move said new clip/s to a new track and delete the old group.

  2. Draw an empty audio clip (occupying the same time span as the clips you want to merge, allow for any delay/reverb tails) on the master track. Make sure that only the clips you want to merge will be heard during playback. Perform a bounce in place on the clip on the master to transfer the audio from your other tracks to this clip. Delete the old tracks.

  3. Create your tracks in a separate project and, do either of 1 or 2 above, then drag the clip from that project to the other. The benefit of this approach is that it is less destructive. If you save the "synths" project, you can always go back to the original synth tracks and tweak and re-bounce.

I hope this helps.....


answered Dec 31 '18 at 21:15 by sticklebrick (480)

edited Dec 31 '18 at 21:22

Another thing about bouncing. When you bounce make sure you change the settings to 32 bit floating point. This will give you the best quality.

  — (Dec 31 '18 at 21:26) sticklebrick

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