asked Jan 29 '15 at 20:08 by argyllrb (11)

I am running Bitwig Studio under Ubuntu Studio. Is it possible to move the default BitwigStudio directory that is created in my home directory somewhere else? I have tried moving it manually and deleting the original but every time I start Bitwig it creates ~/BitwigStudio again and I can't find a setting to change the location.

Thanks in advance, Richard

In the 'Configuration' menu on the right hand side of the browser there's an option to change your default directories, etc. It only seems to change where samples are saved rather than where they're loaded from.

I'm also having this problem on the Windows version. After installing the recent 1.1.5 update to my D drive it's still loading from my C drive by default I've set everything in the screen I mentioned properly, too.

My own workaround is to have a shortcut to my projects folder in the 'favourites' section of the Windows browser. I'm not sure what the Linux equivalent would be, I'm afraid.

I heard they're updating the browser considerably soon? I may be wrong.


answered Jan 30 '15 at 00:06 by MellowVenom (269)


Thanks. Yes, I've set the directories in the 'Configuration' menu. That's working well. Also getting to my actual project directory isn't an issue, I can make a shortcut similar to yours. I just want to stop it creating the default directory structure and cluttering my home directory.

Ah well, maybe wait and see what the new browser holds, unless anyone from Bitwig is able to comment.

Thanks anyhow.

  — (Jan 30 '15 at 12:38) argyllrb

1.5 years later still the same homedir clutter on Linux:

I find it very annoying that Bitwig creates a directory "~/Bitwig Studio" on every start. This needs to be configurable!

Imagine every application would create its own directory there without asking. Sorry, this is bad style!


answered Oct 05 '16 at 14:35 by bambambatch (11)

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