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Am I just wrong to think that this is a pretty universal and standard tool to expect to have in modern DAW or do I have to wait for BITWIG3 to finally get a @^$#ing tool that edits velocity or other expression parameters in a &$%#ing line, instead of having to edit like 50 ^&$#ing notes in a row to try to make them cascade from high to low. Seriously, this s$#t is in all the &^%$ing DAW and I am still waiting for you guys to catch up with this.

Honestly, it can't be much work to add this small quality of life element to BitWig. I would appreciate it so much. Gimme a number if you guys need extra funding to hire an extra guy to code this in, I'll pay whatever you need. This is actually needed for entire music GENRES. You're cutting your own legs out BitWig.

Select the Pen tool, press & hold the alt key (you can let go of the key after you have started to draw the line). It's ok to be frustrated, but a tone like this when asking for help is probably something you might want to rethink in the future.


answered Jan 03 '19 at 15:31 by dreamstate42 (56)

Nice! Never knew that. Thanks.

  — (Jan 04 '19 at 13:05) djx

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