asked Jan 03 '19 at 00:10 by Isothesis (31)

Hi ! While testing the Bitwig demo (2.4.3), I noticed that setting Launch to "Off" does not mean that the clips are played and stopped right away. Actually, slower tempo means longer lag, as if the Play and Stop functions were still relying on the grid. I recorded a short demo of the issue : Can anyone clarify this ? It seems in contradiction with what is stated in the manual : "Off disables clip quantization, meaning the clip will begin playback the moment it is triggered." Thanks ! Guillaume

This is currently not working properly, and we hope to have it fixed in the near future.


answered Jan 15 '19 at 16:23 by Bitwig_Support (1.1k)

Hi, are you gonna make a fix anytime soon? Would love to have it work the way it's supposed to. Love the software, but this bug is driving me mad.



answered Jun 06 '19 at 02:07 by srzorro (11)

Any news on this? I'm too in need of this. And I think also anyone else who performs live with Bitwig.


answered Jul 19 '19 at 00:57 by amir_ayyar (21)

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