asked Jan 05 at 20:20 by Agoodner (11)

How does one reverse an audio or instrument track on the latest version of bitwig?

Select/Highlight the clip, click the CLIP button in the header section of the program's interface to open the clip drop down menu, select reverse clip.


answered Jan 05 at 21:27 by sticklebrick (388)

Man, I have looked and looked for this. I even searched the manual and couldn't find this option. Was it added recently?


answered Jan 07 at 15:53 by Jeremysfx (127)

No mate, it's in there. Bottom of page 90. If you feel like you are gonna use it a lot, It's a good idea to pin the reverse button to the header, then it always appears when you select a clip. Or create your own shortcut for it in the shortcuts section in settings.


answered Jan 07 at 16:33 by sticklebrick (388)

This was not in the manual in version 2.3.3. It only showed a reverse function in the sampler , so I am assuming it is a new feature in 2.4. If it was there in 2.3.3 it was not in the manual. I'm just glad its there now. Thanks for the response.

  — (Jan 07 at 18:32) Jeremysfx

No worries

  — (Jan 07 at 18:53) sticklebrick

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