asked Jan 05 '19 at 20:20 by Agoodner (11)

How does one reverse an audio or instrument track on the latest version of bitwig?

Select/Highlight the clip, click the CLIP button in the header section of the program's interface to open the clip drop down menu, select reverse clip.


answered Jan 05 '19 at 21:27 by sticklebrick (480)

Man, I have looked and looked for this. I even searched the manual and couldn't find this option. Was it added recently?


answered Jan 07 '19 at 15:53 by Jeremysfx (132)

No mate, it's in there. Bottom of page 90. If you feel like you are gonna use it a lot, It's a good idea to pin the reverse button to the header, then it always appears when you select a clip. Or create your own shortcut for it in the shortcuts section in settings.


answered Jan 07 '19 at 16:33 by sticklebrick (480)

This was not in the manual in version 2.3.3. It only showed a reverse function in the sampler , so I am assuming it is a new feature in 2.4. If it was there in 2.3.3 it was not in the manual. I'm just glad its there now. Thanks for the response.

  — (Jan 07 '19 at 18:32) Jeremysfx

No worries

  — (Jan 07 '19 at 18:53) sticklebrick

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