asked Jan 12 '19 at 10:16 by andihow (10)

I've started using bitwig to edit a long form podcast, I know reaper has a setting that allows you to increase playback speed of the whole project for editing purposes, Does bitwig have anything like this? Thanks Friends

Hi, you can automate the tempo in the master track. Locate the master track in the timeline and click the button to show automation, then select tempo from the list.


answered Jan 12 '19 at 12:57 by Bitwig_Support (1.1k)

thanks for replying, this isn't exactly what i'm looking for. Adjusting the tempo seems to change all the audio clips and move them around. I'm looking to only increase the playback speed without altering anything in the project


answered May 14 '19 at 02:19 by andihow (10)

Hi there....

I'm not very sure of what you intend to do, because I do not have any competence in podcast.

By the way. I can tell you that Bitwig can speed up a project just by modifying tempo... You need to set up your clips in order to correctly react to tempo change.

Do do so, in the inspector, you can choose the algorithm to be applied to your clip.

Please give an eye to this screenshot: stretch

In this example, the project tempo is 117, time signature is 4/4.

I have inserted in a clip one of the sample available with Bitwig studio, just for demo purposes.

In the event menu, you can see that "Elastique pro" has been selected as algorithm to follow tempo changes.

You can select a lot of them, included "old style" repitch or raw (unaffected by tempo change) or granular or spectral...

The algorithm to be chosen depends on the audio material to be elaborated.

To check the behavior of various algorithm, just press play in the clip, the change the tempo and the algorithm, to check the result.

I hope to have understood your need.


answered May 14 '19 at 03:23 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

thank you! setting the elastic stretch mode solved the problem, i can now listen to this at a faster speed while i edit it and just bring the tempo back down and it sounds fine.

appreciate it!

  — (May 14 '19 at 03:50) andihow

Happy to help. Might youchange the title of the post adding a [solved] and mark my answer as correct? Thanks. Happy Bitwigging!

  — (May 14 '19 at 07:40) fsciarra62

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