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Hi All,

I'm relatively new to BWS, and decided to focus on it (I also own Studio One, Logic, Reason, Ableton Live, and ProTools), purely for the fact that I want to use it with a Surface Pro. I take my Surface with me pretty much everywhere. One thing I'm scratching my head about in BWS is oscillators. There are some killer modiulators, but no basic oscillators. Would I be correct in the assumption that they're not really necessary as a separate modulator, purely for the fact that BWS has FM-4, Phase-4, and Polysynth? One would merely use those as a basic sound source, and then modulate from there?

Just curious on everyone's thoughts.

Thx, Laurence

Hi Laurence,

Using the oscillators built into the stock synths or sampled waveforms in the sampler are the easiest options.

You can use an Audio Rate LFO to modulate the DC Offset device and control the Audio Rate LFO frequency with the Keytrack device but I found it's a pain to set up and tune and the waveforms you generate don't sound "pure" (at least to me anyway).

The Grid in the upcoming Bitwig 3 looks very promising for those looking to build modular patches from the ground up and might include Oscillators. I certainly hope so!!


answered Jan 20 at 09:58 by sticklebrick (359)

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