asked Jan 22 at 22:11 by Fil-Med (31)

I think I just found a bug. Basically, I made a drum machine with a repeater made with a delay that has maximum feedback and wet. The delay is controlled by a button that turns activates fx-layer device to duck the signal every time I press it, and the feedback and mix functions of the delay device.

One premise: I always work with the arranger, I never use the clip view. After I started automating the button, and after the beginning of the automation, when I pause the project there is a continuous feedback from the instrument and the button appears to be active. The problem is that this happens when I pause above a moment that is set to off in the automation.

Experimenting a bit more I just noticed that the bug happens when I pause inside the clip, but when I pause outside the clip, the button activates (with automation set to off) but there is no feedback. It's weird on multiple levels, because it appears as if some sound gets played after I press pause above the clip, and because the button activates in an off moment of the automation.

I made a folder so that everybody can experiment with my preset.

Hey @Fil-Med,

Why not use a note echo device instead?


answered Jan 22 at 22:37 by sticklebrick (368)

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