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I recently reinstalled Windows 10. Before then, Bitwig loaded all of my plugins without issue. Since I reinstalled Windows 10 and all of my plugins (properly and painstakingly), Bitwig hangs loading all of my plugins from certain manufacturers.

The behavior with those plugins is that they just scan indefinitely unless I choose the "Skip" option from the notification window that pops up about the plugin taking a long time to scan.

I've tested these plugins in Studio One and they load without issue.

The ones I'm having trouble with are:

  • All Arturia plugins
  • Most Steinberg plugins
  • All Ohm Force plugins except for OhmBoyz Infinity (their latest plugin, which works)
  • Cableguys plugins

I have hundreds of other plugins that load just fine.

Could there be some shared library that Bitwig is failing to find or something? I've tried deleting the index folder and vst metadata files and starting over with scanning everything, but it doesn't help.

I've tried reinstalling the plugins in question and running Bitwig as an Administrator.

I'm not sure what else to try.

Update: I've started working with Bitwig support on this, but so far they have not provided any answers. If anyone has run into this or has any ideas, I'd really appreciate it.


This isn't really a solution to the problem I was experiencing on 2.4.3, however, I attempted to install 2.5 Beta 4, and it scans all of my plugins properly. I guess I'll stick with the beta until 2.5 is released!


answered Feb 03 '19 at 17:33 by bmcclure (11)

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