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I'm trying to use BWS with an M-Audio Oxygen 49 synth. I can see that M-Audio is not an available controller so I am using the Generic 8 button version from the controller list. The synth is plugged in via USB and switched on but pressing any key at all seems to do nothing.

I imagine this is really basic stuff but I can't find anything on the BWS site or the M-Audio site which explains the initial setup. What do I do next though, this is my first DAW and synth, could anyone offer some step by step assistance and get me moving forward? I've tried to look up lots of videos and guides but I'm just not progressing, it's very frustrating ????

Thank you ????

Hi zedley87, first of all, just in case, the Oxygen is not a synth but a controller. That means it will not produce any sound by itself.

That is you have to connect it, via midi, to a sound module, which is able to produce some sounds but typically has no keyboard.

Bitwig itself has some software instruments which can be used to produce high quality results, so you are in a good position, already! So you have a keyboard, you have sound modules inside Bitwig, you need headphones or loudspeakers connected to your computer and you're ready to go.

First step is to configure your hardware in order to have Bitwig producing audible sounds. I guess you've already checked this by running one of the demo projects you can find in the initial page Bitwig shows you. You select "Quick Start" under "USER" and you will find some demo projects like "In Cicles" or "Berlin Mornings" and all the others from partners. alt text When you're done with that, you might also notice that just at the start of the page, you can find some "Template projects" like "Play Synths". If you select it, this will open a new project with an initial collection of modules which can already be the start point for some serious music.

Now... Select one track with the mouse, like "Poly Synth", the first one, It should show something like this: alt text

If it doesn't happens, check your steps again... Close Bitwig and restart... Then select USER, select Quick Start, find Play Synths and press Open.

Now, you can use your Oxygen keyboard or even use the computer keyboard to actually trigger the sound module making it producing sound. To use the computer keyboard just press the CAPS-LOCK (check the lights of your computer keyboard to be sure), move the mouse close to the device, in the bottom of the screen, where you can read POLYSYNTH, then press the key D (remember the CAPS LOCK MUST HAVE BEEN PRESSED). If your oxygen is connected just play a note.

You should see a little yellow square on each side of the POLYSYNTH and hear the sound. Check the new image below and compare with the first. You will notice the yellow squares... Did you? alt text

Now, if nothing happens it means that maybe your Oxygen is broken. Then try with the computer keyboard. At least that one HAS to work.

Selecting other tracks will allow you to change synth and produce different sounds. You can also change presets by clicking on the folder icon in the device panel, but you can now follow one of the courses having something which actually produce sounds.

I cannot suggest any better than the courses by AskVideo on Bitwig 2. Mr. Thavius Beck is a very good teacher in my opinion.

I've followed all the courses on Bitwig from AskVideo.

Here is a link to the Absolute Beginner course

I'm sure it can really really help.

Best regards and good luck.

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Dear zedley87,

I don’t see any answer from you...

Does it mean that I did not address your problems?

Or you’re maybe stuck on a point and you dare to ask?

If this was the case then, please, don’t. Ask.

All of us has been struggling with technical problems and waste a lot of time because there were nobody to ask for support.

You can.

Best regards, Fabrizio


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Hi Fabrizio, thank you for such a detailed response with screenshots, that will be super helpful! I will test it all this weekend and report back with my experience. Again thank you for taking the time to explain ????


  — (Feb 02 at 16:27) zedley87

Hi Fabrizio, I have followed your advice, I can make sounds using my laptop keyboard, I press caps lock and D and I hear it in my headphones. I press the Oxygen-49 controller though and nothing occurs.

Is there anything else I should check before contacting the supplier?

Thank you for your help Zedley87


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It depends on your platform. I'm on Linux and I have some easy to use midi monitors I use to understand if something is wrong on midi. We now know that it's not a problem related to Bitwig. You need to find a guide on how to connect midi to your OS.

Just a stupid question: does your controller power up normally? Can you see the display changing when you turn knobs, press keys, anything? Maybe the port on which you connect your controller does not give enough power? Maybe the power button is faulty?

Best regards, Fabrizio


answered Feb 03 at 22:04 by fsciarra62 (794)

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